The Prison Break limited series, which has been in the works for months at Fox, has finally come together. Fox’s Gary Newman officially announced the revival this morning. Creator/executive producer Paul Scheuring is currently writing the first episode and a bible, and when he is done, Newman fully expects the project to get straight-to-series order.

Stars Wentworth Miller, who got his break on Prison Break, and Dominic Purcell both will be back. The 10-episode limited series is “a bit of a sequel, it picks up several years after the end of the series,” Fox’s Dana Walden said.

But who else will be in Prison Break limited series ? Is this a complete season 5 like we know from other seasons ? What we know is that Gretchen Morgan is still in Prison, Prison Break The Final Break.

Gretchen has a daughter Emily. Now we also know that Michael Scofield is still alive. Is this series Prison Break before or after The Final Break ? Prison Break Limited Series will be return in 2016.

I really hope that Jodi Lyn O’Keefe will return as Gretchen Morgan and that we see much more from her than we saw in season 3 and 4.

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