Jodi Lyn O’Keefe Makeup Most Wanted

Makeup Most Wanted took a few moments of Jodi Lyn O’Keefe’s time to find out how she stays so stunning. Jodi talks about her makeup artist and friend Gregory Arlt, who does her makeup on the red carpet.

What kind of tricks she learn on set when she is in the makeup trailer like at the current show of Hit The Floor and past show Prison Break.

What is your first makeup or beauty related memory?

I got started very young. My sisters who are 10 and 6 years older introduced me to the world of makeup. I copied everything they did. My mother was not thrilled!

What is your everyday morning beauty routine like?

I’m a big fan of lotion, lotion, and more lotion. I mean tons of it. Water is also one of the essentials to my morning routine – 20 splashes every morning. I protect my skin with sun block every day, and add a light foundation and a bit of powder. Mascara, of course!!! A red lip, but not as bold as I would wear at night.

Do you have any tricks that you have learned on sets?

Being on set has really helped me master the trick of removing makeup without irritating my skin. I use Neutrogena Night Calming Makeup Remover throughout the day to avoid clogging my skin. Another set trick is to use lavender oil to maintain healthy looking skin.

How do you keep your hair looking gorgeous?

I try to avoid using too much heat so I generally do not use a curling iron or straightener unless on set. I also try not to blow-dry it too often. I don’t shampoo my hair every day, but when I do I like to use hair masks and Aquage’s Silk Shampoo.

What are 4 products that are always in your makeup bag and you can’t live without?

Mac Cosmetics

My makeup artists and best friend, Gregory Arlt, who I have been working with for many years is a brand ambassador for MAC, and he helps me when I have a red carpet event. Basically, my beauty secret is two words: Gregory Arlt. It’s his face, I’m just wearing it.

My makeup bag includes:
1) MAC Studio Care Blend
2) Rose Lip Balm by Terry
3) Rose Dust Blush by Chanel
4) Red lipstick – MAC’s Marilyn Monroe’s Reds, designed by Gregory Arlt (See above) specifically for MAC. He designed five shades and if I have to pick a favorite one that I couldn’t live without it would be Charmed, I’m Sure… It’s the perfect red!

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